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Port-Solt Révbér

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On these pages we would like to introduce the port of Solt , which has been known only by a few people.

The port of Solt is located on the left side of the river Danube , at river kilometre 1558.0. It's from Budapest 89, from Kalocsa 42 river kilometres far. It was opened in year 2003, it's operated by MAHART PassNave Kft. Peter Nagy, the sales manager of the Révbér Equestrian Centre, keeps the port under control.

Its excellent conditions make it one of the safest ports of Hungary . Because of its depth, it can be used both in case of low water level and flood, even if the most of Hungarian ports are under water. At the gauging station of Dunaföldvár (on the opposite side of the river) the highest navigable water level (HNWL), is 5.45 metres , even so the port of Solt could be safely used by a 5.62 metres water level on 3 rd June 2009.

As a comparison: at the same day the water level was 7.45 metres in Kalocsa (HNWL: 7.20 metres ) and 7.14 metres in Budapest (Vigadó square) (HNWL: 6.68 metres , the lower quay of Pest is overflowed even in case of 6.45 metres water level).*

Furthermore its speciality, that an equestrian centre can be found right next to the port (about 500 metres far), which is bound up with the port. Using the horse carriage transfer between the harbour and the ranch , the Guests can have an inimitable experience. The varied programmes of the ranch can be found at .

* source: Országos Vízjelző Szolgálat


Kalocsa 9.06.2010, water level: 8.36 m


Budapest 4.4.2006., water level: 8.56 m

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