Welcome, dear Visitor!

Let me introduce the Révbér Equestrian Centre!

In heart of the country, on the western part of the Southern Great Plain, in Bács-Kiskun County, next to the Danube bridge of Dunaföldvár, can be found Solt town. Révbérpuszta is located on the western side of the town, next to the bank of the Danube. Since the year 1999, the ranch has been operated by father and son, Nagy Sándor and Nagy Péter. By using our more decade's gastronomic and touristic experience we try to entertain the Dear Guests with high-quality and diverse programmes and events.

Our Visitors can peep into the weekdays and the holidays of the Cuman people, the farm animals can be viewed, or local handicrafts can be purchased. The impulsive horse show, the sweet folk music the toothsome food and the fiery drinks drive the Guests into the pleasure of the village life. The restaurant is situated right next to the horse-pool, in which 240 people can have seat, even in winter.

Why choose Révbér?

Nowadays tourists can select the offers of several horse farms, but it's not so simple at all, to choose the best place and service. I hereby show you the advantages of Révbérpuszta against our concurrents.

Révbérpusta can be also approached direct on the Danube by ship (even by river cruisers, or hydrofoils).
We are the closest horse farm of the Great Plain to the lake Balaton, or Western Europe.
The M6 motorway is only 10 minutes far from us (it's hardly an hour to reach us from Budapest)
We offer for friendly price diverse and unique programmes, continuous eating and drinking, and more others
At our ranch you feel a family athmosphere in spite of the "tourist factories".
We are interested in keeping the authentic view of the ranch.
Our restaurant has disabled ramp and toilet.




Révbér Equestrian Centre
H-6320 Solt, Felsőrévbér
e-mail: info@revber.hu

This side is made by:
Nagy Péter