River cruise to Révbér

Special and in Hungary a unique ability, that Révbérpusta can be also approached direct on the Danube by ship. Using the horse carriage transfer between the harbour and the ranch, the Guests can have an inimitable experience.

The river Danube is after the Volga the 2nd largest river of Europe . It springs from the Black Forest ( Germany ) and joins to the Black Sea . It's 2.850 meters long, and it runs across 10 countries. The Danube is also preferred by the active and passive tourists. On all of the sections of the river several ships wait for the passengers. The beautiful towns and the tourist facilities of the riverside mean very interesting sights for the tourists.

The harbour of Solt was built in year 2003, and since then several ships have ported here, including the small pleasure ships, and the grand river cruisers. By this harbour the town Solt and the surrounding area got a big chance, to make the inbound and the international tourism stronger.

Hydrofoil cruise from Budapest to Révbér

The hydrofoil departs from "Vigadó" Square ( Budapest ) at 9:00 AM.

At the riverside the passengers are waited by our horse carriages, who are carried to the equestrian centre by them during a nostalgic pleasure-drive. We welcome the guests there with fruit brandy, than they can taste the baked-in-oven flat bread with sour cream on it. To dew the throats we offer white wine and water.

After the carriage drive the shows of craftsmen can be surveyed (shoeing smith, carpet weaver, embroider, potter, etc.), meanwhile at cellar white wine and salty biscuits are offered.

After a short walk the Guests can have a look at a typical farm house and the ancient Hungarian farm animals (grey cattle, "mangalica" pig, "racka" sheep, Hungarian half-blood horse, donkey, etc.).

After that the famous Hungarian gastronomy can be enjoyed, because we invite the dear Guests for a lunch, which contains traditional dishes of this area, while our zither band guarantees the top joy.
menu: (if another menu is chosen, the price would change)

After lunch an impulsive horse show can be viewed, than the Guests can try riding on horseback or on donkeyback, and driving the horse carriage.

Finally our Visitors can travel back to the port by horse-carriages.

The ship will arrive back to Budapest expectedly at about 5 p.m.

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